Where to stay? Three key aspects to choose accommodation on your trips

Choosing the right accommodation

When choosing where to stay on a trip, different aspects should be taken into account.

For many travelers, the budget they have will be one of the limiting factors, but, beyond the price that we can or are willing to pay for each night of accommodation, we must take into account another series of things that will allow us to be more comfortable, cover our needs or get the most out of our money, for example.

Specifically, in the latter case, to amortize the amount we pay, there are three key aspects: the location, the services we obtain for the price to pay and the use that we are going to give the accommodation in question.

Paying attention to these three factors we can discover that, sometimes, what a prior seems to be cheaper, ends up being more expensive and / or makes us not get the most out of the money invested.


1. The location of the accommodation

The location of an accommodation is an important aspect to make the most of any trip. Therefore, to properly decide where to stay, it is advisable to do a little research before making a reservation, taking into account the type of trip we want to make or the areas we want to visit, of course.

Our comfort, freedom of movement to visit different areas of the destination in question and, also, our budget will depend on the place where the hotel or hostel is located.

For example, if we opt for cheap accommodation but that is far from all the areas we want to visit, it may end up being more expensive than a somewhat more central accommodation.

Therefore, when staying on the outskirts of a city with the aim of reducing the costs of our trip, we must take into account how much we will have to spend on public transport or on renting a car (with the corresponding fuel consumption) and see if it really is cheaper than a more central hotel or hostel, but somewhat more expensive.

Beyond the economic aspect, we must also take into account the time we will need to move from that “distant accommodation” to the different places we want to visit. This is especially important when it comes to a relatively short trip or a weekend getaway, for example.

On short trips, the least we want is to spend a large part of the day moving by car or public transport. If we have little time, what we really want is to amortize it to the maximum.

2. Price versus services and amenities included

In addition to choosing a suitable area, it is also convenient to compare different accommodations and see what they offer us for the price to pay.

Comparing several accommodations of different prices is convenient because, sometimes, for a little more we can enjoy greater comfort or more complete services.

That is, although it seems contradictory, the option with the lowest price per night is not always the cheapest. For example, it may be that another hotel or hostel with € 5 or € 10 more expensive rooms includes breakfast and transfer to the airport and that, in the end, the entire set of services is cheaper than hiring the initially cheaper option.

3. Use that we are going to give the accommodation

It may sound strange, but it is important to be clear about the use that we are going to give the accommodation during our trip.

A relaxing trip is not the same as a trip in which we plan to visit all the tourist spots of the destination in question.

In other words, the question ” where to remain in” destination X “?” it could also be posed as ” where to stay for a weekend of disconnection?” or ” where to stay for an active tourism trip in the mountains?”

The type of accommodation that we choose must fit in with the travel plan that we carry since only then will we get the most out of our money and the accommodation itself.

For example, if we are looking for relaxation and disconnection and we have no special interest in traveling from end to end the destination in question, surely we will be interested in a hotel with services such as swimming pool, spa, massages, restaurant … the one we travel to, in fact a bed and a good shower are enough for us, since we will probably not use the rest of the services.

Therefore, if we hired a great hotel with all kinds of services and amenities and then we only went there to sleep, shower and, perhaps, have breakfast, we would be wasting our money.

That is why, when choosing accommodation, we must never forget the reason and / or type of trip that we are going to make.

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