Building pest inspections: Best everything you need to know

What is the building & pest inspection?

The building pest inspections is an ocular inspection by a qualified person (a technician) of the building to determine if it can be considered safe for the residents who live in it or for passers-by.

It is done by qualified technicians such as architects, engineers or surveyors. It is a periodic review that all buildings are required to pass to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of health, safety, accessibility, etc., required by law.

This building pest inspections what will it consist of?

As Vital building & pest inspections have said before, we will have to show that our building can house human beings living inside in decent conditions and that it does not pose a danger to people from outside (such as brick, roof or cornices).

For this, the competent technicians assigned must check several points and unanimously approve all of them.

building & pest inspection

Between these points we will find the structure and the foundation.

The building cannot have damaged its main structure (very old buildings, buildings built on water rafts, buildings that have suffered a gas explosion).

The facades must be in perfect condition to avoid detachments, both the interior (which does not have any moisture) and the exterior.

The roofs must be perfectly cemented, preventing the rainwater from penetrating the roof.

Both plumbing and sanitation facilities and electrical installations must be in perfect condition. The pipes, over time, tend to deteriorate, being able to produce leaks that soften the foundations and can produce landslides.

The electrical installations are of vital importance since they could produce fires or electrocutions, being able in the worst of the cases a death by imprudence.

In the last case, they will look at the existence and good condition of the accessibility elements, such as ramps for invalids, fire escapes and elevators.

building & pest inspection

What are the buildings that are required to carry out this type of building & pest inspections?

If the building is inside the capital and it is more than 31 years old, or those have passed since the last revision.

If we want to sell a home over 45 years old, we will have to show the certificate. All owners or legitimate owners of the building are obliged to pass the review and, in the case of communities, the community of owners.

What if we do not pass the building & pest inspections?

In summary and as often happens with building & pest inspections, you will have to correct the deficiencies that the technician has found. You will not have to pay another building & pest inspections and you will only have to call another technician to write a certificate of suitability.

If the problems found in the building & pest inspections are serious, the community or owner must hire an architect to manage the start of the rehabilitation works and, once finished, ask for the final certificate of work.

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