Point On Custom Best Sectional Garage Door

Do you want to change your garage door? Think about the custom sectional door! With its vertical opening and its way of sliding under the ceiling, it will allow you to gain maximum space.  Doors 4U Garage Doors takes stock of this carpentry.

Why choose a custom sectional garage door?

This carpentry has various assets. Let’s sweep the benefits of the sectional door Doors 4U Garage Doors …

1) Easy opening garage door

The sectional garage door opens vertically. It is the most requested door on the market. Indeed, it won 65% of the vote, thus praising itself in its market.

Designed from panels sliding upwards along metal rails, it opens easily. Be careful, its installation still requires a drop of lintel minimal 115 mm.

Supplied as a single block for quick attachment, the Doors 4U Garage Doors custom sectional door fits to the millimeter when you open your garage. Because it does not overflow inward or outward, you can use it if your garage overlooks the street.

With the motorization of the door, you will be able to open it and close it with a remote control. Very convenient to enter your parking place without having to get off of your car.

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2) A door adapted to architectural constraints

With its articulated smooth panels, cassettes or stripes, the sectional door Doors 4U Garage Doors meets the criteria requested by some services related to urban planning. Visually speaking, it is in line with the PLU. Practical side, it can decline up to 5 meters wide and 3 meters high to accommodate two vehicles.

3) Reinforced insulation

The garage remains a cold room, by default. Indeed, until now, doors tended to be poorly insulated. The sectional door is equipped with 40 mm thick panels of CFC-free polyurethane foam.

It thus allows to protect your place from the cold, putting in place a good thermal insulation.

Among the possible options, the Doors 4U Garage Doors can also be equipped with double-glazed portholes. Thus, the diffusion of light and natural heat takes place in your garage, making it more pleasant to frequent.

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4) A carpentry design

With its cassette panels, the Doors 4U Garage Doors has a modern design. What is interesting is that it has various colors such as RAL 3004, 7039, 8019 or 9005. The diversity of its customization options allows it to mingle with any type of architectural decor.

5) A better secured garage

The sectional door increases the security of your garage, thanks to its burglar-proof system. This last one brakes largely the possible attempts of intrusion with you.

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