Floor Polishing: How to tidy up your granite floor

Professional floor polishing made of granite is carried out after grinding. In fact, these processes are very similar, only they are carried out using different types of abrasives. Grinding allows you to remove potholes, scratches, and other coating defects.

Granite floors are harder than marble floors and therefore more difficult to polish. For this purpose, rotary diamond-coated machines are used. The granite floors were perfectly polished, the first thing to do is wet them with water. Then the surface is processed with a grinder. If there are chips in the granite, they are sealed with a stone of the same color and carefully sanded to give the material an identical appearance and eliminate the difference in height/thickness.

The final stage of work – floor polishing, the price of which is extremely low, is performed in the same way as grinding, only using fine abrasives, special pastes, and powders. These substances are needed in order to make the surface more durable.

It is not difficult to check the quality of the polished granite. Just look at it and you will understand everything – ideally, the material should acquire a mirror finish. But if you want, experts will make it matte.

Concrete grinding and floor polishing

Grinding and floor polishing of the concrete floor are carried out using diamond grinding machines. Long-poured concrete can be sanded at any time, and the newly-poured mortar must be allowed to stand for about 14 days to harden and become as strong as possible.

The concrete is leveled in two ways:

  • wet;
  • dry.

The first method is relevant when it comes to a surface with marble chips. As the name implies, wet sanding is carried out using water that moistens the floor. Dry sanding is suitable for leveling normal concrete. Doing it, professionals arm themselves with powerful industrial vacuum cleaners to collect dust.

According to the rules, floor polishing of self-leveling floors takes place in several stages. First, they are polished with diamond wheels with a grain size of 40, then – with a grain size of 400. At the end of the work, the concrete is polished with discs with a grain size of 1500-3000. So the material becomes perfectly even and acquires a mirror-like shine. To consolidate this effect, the floor is usually covered in several layers with polyurethane varnish.

It is widely believed that a concrete screed can be easily leveled and rubbed to a shine on your own using a grinder. But this is not the case. First, the grinder throws a lot of dust into the air. Secondly, it is small, which means that it does not allow making the floor surface perfectly flat.

Working with wood surfaces

To put in order a wooden floor, it is necessary to remove its top layer with a grinder. Since floor polishing wooden floors is a dusty process (in the literal sense of the word), the room needs to be prepared for work – to take out furniture, equipment, and all other things.

Floor scrapping is performed using a special grinder, into which sandpaper of different grain sizes is filled. The first time they “pass” on the floor with sandpaper No. 40, then use paper No. 60, 80. The final chord is grinding the floor with sandpaper No. 100. However, before processing a wooden surface with it, it is important not to forget to putty the gaps between the boards or parquet.

When the wood surface is perfectly polished, it is varnished with a polyurethane or acrylic base. This composition makes the tree darker and more beautiful protects it from external influences. To alter the color of wood, experts treat it with wood stain.

Benefits of specialist assistance

Whatever type of floor you need to tidy up, returning it to its previous appearance, always contact a professional floor polishing. Working with them will save you a lot of time and effort. Craftsmen have a wealth of experience, and therefore they do not make mistakes inherent in beginners. For a reasonable fee, they will come to your aid and will cope with the tasks in the shortest possible time. If circumstances require it, specialists are ready to work even on weekends and holidays.

Professionals will listen to all your wishes and will do it the way you want. And while they repair and polish the floor, you can go about your business without worrying about anything.

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