Furniture Removalists: Tips for transporting and moving furniture without being overwhelmed

If you have come this far it is because, surely, you are immersed in a process of transportation and furniture removalists. In addition to offering you a valet storage service – we are also experts in order, so we bring you information and advice on some of the most common questions related to the home.

On this occasion, and after our step-by-step guide to make a move, today we want to focus on the transport and on furniture removalists. Take note, because this interests you.

Step-by-step guide on furniture removalists

1. Make a list

The first thing we should do when planning a furniture removalists is without a doubt list all those things that we need to transport so that, in this way, we are clear about the volume to be handled and be able to decide if we will be the ones who will carry out the move or if by Otherwise we must hire an external service.

In addition, this list must include what we want to transport and also what we want to get rid of. In this sense, the sale of used furniture is a very good option to consider for what we no longer need.

2. Choose a method of transportation or furniture removalists

Once we are clear about our needs, we must decide if we will choose to rent a van and do it ourselves or if, on the contrary, we will hire external services to carry out the task.

Furniture removalists offers a moving service that, in addition to being flexible with prices and guaranteeing you a safe transport service, also includes the possibility of having a flexible storage plan. You can find out about prices.

3. Furniture disassembly

Although some furniture removalists options also include the disassembly and assembly of furniture, if you decide to do it yourself, you should spend some time knowing how to disassemble furniture correctly or what types of packaging you can use for your move.

In this way, by following the appropriate steps, you will ensure that you protect them correctly.

How to overcome the nerves of a move?

One of the most common problems when facing a move is anxiety and the nerves that these tend to lead to.

Therefore, it is important to plan all the tasks, as this helps us not to feel overwhelmed by the move.

Furniture removalist services offer you an economical and reliable alternative to make your move in the fastest, most effective and safe way possible .


To have everything ready and that the budget does not catch you by surprise, we give you some clues of what it may cost you

Let’s get to the point. The approximate average price of a move ranges between 700 and 900 dollars, Can it be more expensive? Well, yes, because this price has contemplated transport for furniture removalists within the same location and that the volume of your belongings is not more than 20-25 m 3 . That said, you should add more things.


To understand the budget and know what you are paying and why you will have to take into account the following costs:


That is, the price per km traveled. Most companies usually add this surcharge (between 0.50 and 0.80 dollars per km ) and start counting from the starting point until the arrival of what will be your new “home sweet home”. If the move is to another city and tolls must be paid to get there, they will also be added to the budget.


Here the cubic meters that your belongings occupy are calculated. The number of rooms in your home will be another factor that will influence the cost of the move since if you have more rooms, it is assumed that you also have more things to move. According to experts, such as the search platform for moving companies,


What does this point mean? Well, just like when you take a taxi, it charges you for a flag drop, in this case, each moving company has a basic price that includes transport (the truck) and workers. That is about 60 dollars an hour.


In the extra services, the packaging may also be found. Think that if the company takes care of all the work of collecting and packing your furniture and belongings, the price can be increased by approximately 30%.

In addition, there are other services that make your budget more expensive, such as dismantling, the rental of a moving crane if your home does not have an elevator or it is very small, the parking permit, storage …


To be able to reduce the budget for a move or for furniture removalists, there are always resources:

  • Compare quotes: Don’t look for a single furniture removalists company. Ask for different estimates to be able to compare the costs and services they offer and decide your best option.
  • Get rid of what you will not need: The higher the volume, the more expensive the budget, so throw away, donate, or recycle.
  • Pack your things: “Bribe” with a great evening to family and friends to help you. If the furniture removalists company does, the price will go up quite a bit.
  • Reduce the boxes: If the transfer is near or in the same location, try to carry things in your car. This will reduce the number of boxes and therefore the price of the move.
  • Flexibility: Whenever possible, be flexible on the dates of collection and delivery of your belongings as sometimes prices can vary depending on the date.


Relocation can be a real mess without a good organization. To avoid this, follow the keys that we propose and in this way, you will not waste time and put stress aside. 



Joan Padilla