Engagement rings : How To Choose Your Best ?

Whether it is your engagement rings or your wedding ring , you have waited too long, hoped … shunned (sometimes) … to finally see it hanging on your finger that it is out of the question to take a wrong step !!In this article, find the advice of our team to know how to choose your wedding alliance Lyon !!

Choosing Your Lyon Wedding Ring: The Choice Of The Ring :

Unless some have been smart enough to distill some ideas from their darling, the engagement rings , an essential accessory to any marriage proposal , is generally chosen by the future groom himself! (nothing prevents you from sponsoring beautiful mom, sister or best friend to be sure to be fulfilled!)

As for the alliance on the other hand, the custom wants that the couple choose it together and that the models are similar .The gold ring therefore remains one of the essentials but there are variations depending on whether you prefer white gold, silver or platinum !

Although the classics are timeless, jewelers and designers are adapting today and offer you more personalized models of ring (engraved, brushed, hammered … with precious stones or a set of materials ), symbol of love and above all. of the couple’s story. Let yourself be tempted by a tailor-made jewel that will suit you more!

Choosing Your Lyon Wedding Alliance: Certified Labels :

As with everything today, there are many labels in jewelry, let us remember the most important:

The Clean Gold eco label : certifies 100% recycled gold (melted then reused) for ethical and responsible purchasing.
The Orlanium label : guarantees the radiance of the color of your white gold wedding ring
The Palladium label : guarantees the whiteness of the platinum.

Choose Your Wedding Alliance Lyon: The Budget :

According to the averages, it is necessary to count at least for the wedding ring of the bride and for that of the groom . After that, everything depends on the materials chosen and the work of a goldsmith!If it is diamonds or precious stones , the budget will increase depending on the carats and the quality of the stone.

The Creators Of Custom Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings :

If you choose to make your wedding bands and engagement rings to measure to contact in the 3 months preceding your wedding .Contrary to popular belief, they will be able to imagine and design a jewel at affordable prices with the particularity of being in your image and corresponding to your way of living on a daily basis!During 4 meetings they will get to know you, identify your desires, tame the material in order to and return you a jewel that looks like you !

Nancy Garg