How to maintain and polish wooden floor?

Do you want to know the best practices to clean your wooden floor periodically without affecting its abrasion and natural appearance over time? With the advice and instructions that the professionals of modern floor sanding offer you, you will have the possibility of wearing a healthy and shiny wooden floor for many years.

How do you clean the wooden floor?

The first thing to keep in mind when cleaning your wooden floor is that it does not need more than one wash per week. Otherwise, abusing sanitation can cause medium-term damage to the wood that ends up reducing the useful life of the wooden floor.

Removing dust and dirt from the wooden floor is the main action with which you should start the sanitation process. The first advice we offer you in this regard is that you use a vacuum cleaner whenever possible, since not all brooms have bristles adapted for wooden floors, and the risk of scratches growing exponentially.

When scrubbing the wooden floor, different aspects of care must be taken into account that can be decisive when it comes to protecting the wooden floor. First of all, you must make sure that there is good ventilation in the area where you are going to carry out the scrubbing. In an airy environment, drying will be faster, you will avoid accumulating moisture in certain areas and you will prevent the wood from blackening in the future.

Another feature that you must take into account before carrying out the maintenance of the wood is the type of floor cleaner to use. You have to bear in mind that certain types of varnishes are more sensitive than others to some chemical compounds, so we recommend using specific products for each specific material.

Once you have chosen the floor cleaner, the wood professionals at modern floor sanding recommend that you mix it in a bucket of warm and clean water according to the measurements and indications specified on the product label. When diluting the mixture, we also recommend that before spreading it over the entire surface of the soil, first try to do it in an inconspicuous area to see how the soil reacts to the compound.

Remember to wring the mop before rinsing the floor, since excess water accumulated in certain strips can increase the humification of the floor and excessively punish the area, leading to the rise of the wooden floor over time.

If after a few minutes you do not see any strange reaction or alteration in the wooden floor, you can now prepare to scrub the floor calmly, taking into account all the specification previously specified.

In extreme situations in which there has been excessive soaking or the scrubbed area does not have sufficient ventilation, you must ensure the drying of the floor with a clean, soft and dry cotton cloth that removes excess moisture.

How to polish wooden floors?

Once the wooden floor is free of stains, you have the possibility of polishing the wood. There are many myths about the most appropriate way to make your wooden floor shine once clean, although many of these are low-reliability home remedies. From modern floor sanding we recommend caution and care with these false legends, as they could put the health of your wood at risk.

wooden floor

The best solution to polish your wooden floor is to use a specific polish for wooden floors at least once or twice a year, when the varnish on your wood already begins to wear away.

Be careful with the use of products that contain bleach or ammonia, as they are especially aggressive with wood. Other resources such as the use of vinegar are useful short-term options, although their frequent use can lead to wear and tear of the varnish layer that protects the wood.

How to care for the wooden floor?

The wooden floor of a house, apartment or commercial premises is subjected every day to different daily threats that with certain preventive measures we can reduce and even avoid. If you have pets, it is important to take care of the condition of your nails, as these can cause superficial scratches that are difficult to treat without the intervention of a polish wooden floor professional.

Tables and chairs are the furniture most likely to be moved within a common-use space. For this reason, we recommend forage them with soft materials that do not damage the wooden in case they are dragged regularly along its surface. Another related aggravating factor would be the use of heels inside the cabin, an element that unconsciously can cause serious damage to our wooden floors.

Finally, special care must be taken in the entrance, passage or exit areas. In addition to accumulating a large part of dirt carried from the street, these are usually areas punished by inclement weather, highlighting humidity from rain and sun exposure. That is why the wood professionals of modern floor sanding recommend using doormats, rugs or mats in common spaces of entry, exit, or areas of passage to gardens or terraces.

There are special cases in which there is a spill of liquids on the floor, it is vital to act quickly, cleaning and drying the spilled fluid before the wooden floor absorbs the moisture and ends up damaging that area of the wooden floor. The operation is complicated if the poured element is as abrasive as paint, glue or grease can be.

Be careful with the use of home remedies to clean difficult stains on our wooden floors, as we warned with the use of certain products to polish wooden floors, the use of certain components to clean stains can be even more harmful to the floor. wooden than the stain itself. An example of the latter would be the use of an aqueous mixture of water and vinegar to disinfect and clean stubborn stains.

Should you have an accident with some highly damaging abrasive agent to soil from modern floor sanding we recommend that you get in touch with our polish wooden floor professionals to identify the type of varnish with which it is treated wood and look for the best solution for be able to remove the stain.

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