Investment in the Best pink diamond

How to invest your money in a context where the investments favorite life insurance and booklets have become unprofitable and real estate is falling into a slump. 

An advantageous tax system, a refuge against inflation, a safe haven in the long term, the price of pink diamonds is independent of the evolution of the currency markets and the stock and bond markets, a salutary feature in the event of a stock market crisis. 

But be careful, Pink diamond investments requires precise knowledge of the criteria that determine its quality and therefore its price.

The market outlook is growing sharply in the next 10 years 

According to a recent study by consulting firm it will sell 2 times more pink diamonds by 2020. More precisely, global demand is expected to increase in the coming years by 6% per year while production will grow by + 2.8% over the same period. 

The price of pink diamonds has been increasing almost steadily since the 1980s, its scarcity and the demand for diamonds increasing in parallel with the depletion of diamond deposits. Pink diamond prices are bound to increase inexorably …

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Pink diamond investments : a medium-term value

Pink Diamond is not an investment that will pay you in the short term, but rather in the medium term, having the particular advantage of being small and resealable worldwide. 

Diamond is a discreet and easily transportable placement: a diamond of 1 carat for example (0.200 grams) can represent, in value, one or more gold bullion. The diamond requires no other management than to place it safely in a safe. 

Eternal, the diamond does not go out of style and requires no maintenance. Pink diamond investments accompanies growth, in order to consolidate the rest of its savings. 

The diamond can be considered as a medium and long term precautionary savings plan. Diamond is impervious to speculative bubbles as it evolves outside the financial system and states, it is safe from bankruptcy, while being little impacted by crises. 

The diamond can be inherited easily (in some cases, recommended by the administrative services, ask your notary …)

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How to invest in pink diamonds?

The pink diamond sector is very controlled. Negotiating with a professional makes it possible to fully respect the control regime for exports and imports of rough cut diamonds. 

Argyle Diamond Investments offers a tractability and authenticity of diamonds as well as more attractive prices since all our stones are bought directly on market.

Pink diamond investments, require a certificate of authenticity at the time of purchase

All our diamonds are sold with a certificate of authenticity or gemology that specifies the characteristics of the diamond. It includes both type and quality as well as color and year of acquisition. 

This document avoids fraud for an imitation or a synthetic pink diamond. They must be purchased under seal. The preferred laboratory is GIA because it is internationally recognized. 

It is also advisable to keep carefully the invoice on which the specifications of the stone appear but especially the number of the certificate of authenticity.

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