Motorcycle Gloves, How to choose the right one?

Motorcycle gloves are one of the items of equipment that no one doubts the need for. Hands are the most vulnerable part of a biker’s body. 

Firstly, they constantly succumb to the negative effects of the sun, wind, rain, snow.

Secondly, in an emergency, each person instinctively puts their hands forward to soften the blow. 

Third, it is better to prevent hand injuries than to treat them.

So that none of these factors overshadow your “rides”, while riding, always wears high-quality equipment and good motor gloves. Which, moreover, act not only as protection but also as an element of the general style of clothing.

For those who would like to buy motorcycle gloves inexpensively, I would like to say that it is better not to save on hand protection. Although, of course, this is a personal matter. How to choose this accessory to be functional, beautiful, convenient? Let’s figure out the nuances. This will help you understand what they are – your best motorcycle gloves.

Motorcycle gloves, like ordinary gloves, are seasonal. In addition, there are versatile, decorative, special-purpose. Seasonal – summer, demi-season, winter.

Motorcycle gloves for summer

Summer appointments are pretty thin. There are different variations, but the main difference from the rest is the lack of lining. Can be sewn from leather, leatherette, textile, combined. Leather gloves are considered the most comfortable and environmentally friendly . The disadvantage of summer models is poor protection from water (they get wet in the rain). They can be performed in the classic version, that is, “with fingers”, or without, and then a sunny day “will give” the owner a rather pronounced contrasting tan (that is, the open part of the hand will light up).

Winter models of motorcycle gloves

Winter gloves are the thickest of all types. Longer than usual, to the maximum protect from cold air flow, precipitation. Several layers are designed to keep your hands warm in cold weather. There are more water resistant models and less.

Better, of course, to choose the first, the weather in the off-season or in winter often “pleases” with sleet or even a long rain. Beginners should keep in mind that it takes some getting used to operating a motorcycle with these gloves because there is some reduction in hand sensitivity/mobility. If you have summer gloves, you should definitely buy winter motorcycle gloves to provide yourself with all-season protection.

All-season version of motorcycle gloves

Demi-season is something in between summer and winter. There is often a lining, but it may not be. These gloves are the most popular of the seasonal ones because of their versatility. All variations of this type are equipped with special protection zones, this is another plus.

Rain gloves

Special-purpose gloves, or as they are also called rain gloves, are not like all the previous ones. They are radically different in that they are made of plastic. There is no lining here, they are put on top of other gloves and just on the arm.

Provides complete protection but can slip. When worn from above, gloves do not in the best way affect the sensitivity of the hands. Another advantage is the cost. Stored as spare, dress only in bad weather. The online store also sells demi-season motorcycle gloves, there are plenty to choose from, for sure.

New – heated

The heated model is quite an interesting innovation. In cold weather, hands freeze more than other parts of the body, this invention will appeal to many. Today, many manufacturers present this option, there are plenty to choose from. They can be connected to power in different ways. To the jacket, if it is also heated. A motorcycle battery or portable batteries that fit in a pocket or are attached to gloves.

  • For heated gloves , the size is especially important; in case of loose contact with the skin, the heating will not be so intense. That is why such products often have elastic inserts.
  • Please note whether this model can be washed or not. There are some where washing is unacceptable, while others can be washed even in a washing machine (without spinning).
  • It will not be superfluous to decide which of the power options is more suitable for you from the on-board network of a motorcycle or from a portable battery.

I must say that choosing is not so easy, because each of the options has its own pros and cons. Battery power is convenient, portable, lightweight (from one hundred to two hundred grams), and can be found wherever it is more convenient for you, in a jacket pocket or attached to the cuffs (outside). You can warm your hands without being on the motorcycle, but, unfortunately, only a few hours, just as long as the battery charge lasts.

Women’s motorcycle gloves

Not only men are fond of motorbikes, speed and appropriate equipment. The fairer sex is also not averse to driving, and they pay special attention to equipment. Much more than most men. Therefore, women’s motorcycle equipment impresses with its variety and effectiveness. This equipment component is no exception.

  • Presented in different styles, from brutal to elegant, they combine beauty, style, functionality.
  • Manufacturers have taken into account that the products are intended for delicate female hands, there are some features inherent only in female models.
  • Of course, like men, they protect from the cold, in case of falling, contribute to a better grip on the handlebars.
  • In addition to the visual difference, women’s models of motorcycle gloves may differ in cut, colors, materials, and sewing technology. The manufacturers have managed to strike a balance between protective performance and elegance.
  • Modified textile or natural materials, protective elements in special zones, additional elastic pads, patches, special fastener design, ventilation system – this is not a complete list of the advantages of women’s motorcycle gloves.

You can buy women’s motorcycle gloves of any kind – winter, summer, demi-season, decorative, universal, special-purpose. But there is much more style and color variety. There are many colors – monochrome, combined, even “under the zebra” or leopard print. They can be made in different styles – “biker”, sports or, for example, vintage.

Motor gloves, the price of which varies from economy to luxury, are presented on the market in the widest range. Made from various materials, the most popular are genuine leather, nubuck, synthetic/natural textiles, velour, microfiber, non-porous. Protective inserts are often made of leather, carbon fiber, polyurethane, composite, rubber, carbon fiber, nylon, silicone, metal. A few more interesting things about this and much more are presented on the site.


The answer is yes. It will cost a little more, but it will provide comfortable control of the motorcycle and relieve the likelihood of getting cold hands. Modern materials allow manufacturers to present products of high quality in this sense to the market. Plus , you don’t have to buy an extra pair of rain gloves , which saves you money.

However, over time, some materials lose their waterproof function, albeit not completely, but to a sufficiently large extent, due to mechanical effects on the gloves and due to washing. You can partially improve the water-resistance by treating the gloves with special protective equipment.

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