Motorcycle: What is its performance and how important is it?

Motorcycles are practical vehicles that, in most cases, require less expense than other types of vehicles, especially with regard to fuel use and mechanical aspects, such as repairs and replacement of parts.

Still, for your motorcycle to work as you wish, maintaining good performance and ensuring its safety in traffic, it is essential that all parts are in good condition and in compliance with normal and ideal conditions.

With that in mind, a very important subject – and which is not always highlighted in the media – is the misalignment of the motorcycle chassis or, as it is popularly said, the warping of motorcycles.
If you are the owner or driver of a motorcycle, paying attention to the chassis and ensuring that it is aligned should be among your cares and concerns.

If you don’t know about this subject, don’t worry! In this article, I will explain everything you need to know. Check out!

What is motorcycle performance?

The chassis of a motorcycle ends up being a part that is very exposed, especially in cases of impacts, collisions or falls.

Many people think that chassis warping only happens on motorcycles used on trails or in sports such as motocross, but that is not true!

Even though it does not happen with the same ease and frequency as in more extreme situations, such as sports or trails, warping also occurs on motorcycles used in everyday life, both on highways and on other types of roads.

But what is this performance?

In practice, “bike warping” or “having a bike warped” is nothing more than chassis misalignment, a situation that, in addition to being a visual problem, puts the safety of the driver at risk, mainly by interfering in the performance of certain maneuvers common in every motorbiker daily life.

And what to do in these cases? That’s what we’ll see next!

How to perform chassis performance?

When, for various reasons – for example, a collision with another vehicle or a collision – the chassis bends, it is possible to perform the straightening of this part, that is, to make it be aligned again.
Some people mistakenly decide to perform the motorcycle on their own, using methods that can seriously damage the motorcycle.

One such mistaken procedure is to use tools, such as a mallet, to try to rearrange the chassis and straighten the bike.

This method is not only harmful to the bike, it is also ineffective. That is, at the end of the process, in addition to having a damaged motorcycle, it will continue to be misaligned / warped.

The best way out is, without a doubt, to take your bike to a mechanic you trust, preferably those who are specialized and can, in fact, straighten your bike without causing further damage.

Today, the techniques used to realign the chassis are excellent, with improved practice and the use of cutting-edge materials, such as laser, which guarantees total precision in the positioning of the parts.
Such techniques allow, at the end of the process, the vehicle to have identical or practically identical characteristics to those it had when it left the factory.

Prices charged to straighten a motorcycle vary from mechanic to mechanic. In addition, your bike’s model and year of manufacture will also influence.

However, if you evaluate the cost-effectiveness well, you will find that paying for the performance done by professionals will be much cheaper than trying to do it yourself, using hammers, mallets or similar tools.

Can driving a motorcycle in poor condition generate fines?

Driving a motorcycle or any other type of motor vehicle in poor condition is a serious infraction. As an administrative measure, the retention of the vehicle for regularization is also foreseen.

Let’s see: traveling with a bent motorcycle is not, in itself, a traffic violation.

Still, depending on how severe this warpage is, it can harm the bike’s performance and put the driver’s safety at risk.

In these cases, the traffic agent can understand that the article we talked about above can be applied and, therefore, the driver will probably be penalized with due consequences.

Thus, taking care of your vehicle is, at the same time, maintaining care for its safety and for the good maintenance of your vehicle.

Always try to keep your motorcycle in good condition and take it for periodic inspections at a garage you trust! You can also look for a reliable vehicle protection service that offers performance service.

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