Move – How much does it cost?

Summary finding a new home is already stressful in itself, plus you have to add the very demanding moving operations if organized without a moving company. If, on the other hand, you are more inclined to rely on a specialized company, you will first want to get an idea of how much a move costs, what services are included, and all additional costs.

Everything you need to know about moving

The moving cost is actually very variable and depends on several factors, first of all on the distance between the departure point and the arrival point, and then on the quantity of furniture to be transported. In a move, this is one of the most important variables to consider.

For companies, the indications on removals are different, in fact, it will be necessary to listen to the advice for a company move.

What is the cost of moving furniture ?

Here’s what to consider:

  • As previously mentioned, the distance affects the moving cost, so first of all consider if your transfer takes place in the same city or province or in another region.
  • usually if the distance to be covered is within 100 km, companies do not charge extra costs for transport,
  • if, on the other hand, your new home is more than 100 km away, 1 dollar is usually added for each extra km.

Additional services rates

The table above reported indicatively the most common total prices for a move, of course, services are included inside, such as:

  • the packaging of furniture and other materials to ensure that they do not deteriorate,
  • the furniture disassembly and reassembly service,
  • the use of a freight elevator when necessary (usually it is always used) and so on.

In addition, we must add the fixed cost for some permits that vary from one region to another, for example, the occupation of the land necessary to park trucks or vans for several hours on public land.

Below are the most common moving services and costs to be incurred if you contact a competent company.

Obviously, prices change depending on the company you are addressing, but this information will be useful for you to understand what to take into consideration to calculate the cost of moving home.

  • Packaging : 80 – 200 dollars
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly : 80 – 250 dollars
  • Elevator / Hoist : 200 – 300 dollars
  • Public land occupation : 80 – 150 dollars

In addition, depending on the case, you may need another service that you can request: goods storage.

This service is useful when you need to leave goods guarded for a limited period of time. The cost for storage depends on the cubic meters your items occupy. Approximately the price is around 5 or 7 dollars per month per cubic meter.

When you move abroad you have to follow several guidelines; as well as for limited-term rentals.

How much does it cost to move electricity and gas utilities?

Of course, when you move, not only the furniture is moved, but you have to change your residence, and no less important is the move of domestic users.

For some utilities, such as gas and light, you can not make the actual move, but if the new house is already the user and is already active can make a perfector, the process by which you become the ‘holder of the user in the new house.

In this case, the costs for a light transfer are as follows:

  • For the protected market : 25.81 dollars (administrative costs) + 23.00 dollars (fixed contribution) + stamp duty for the new contract
  • For the free market : $ 25.81 (administrative costs) + any costs established by the supplier

For gas switching, on the other hand, the costs depend on the prices of the various distributors that you find on their websites and usually concern administrative costs and costs for commercial services.

Why rely on an expert moving company?

You can organize a move even on your own, but obviously, it is very advantageous to rely on a moving company because there are so many things to think about: you have to get the suitable material for packaging, you have to take days off, you have to disassemble and reassemble furniture alone, you have to be in possession of a van or you have to rent it, in short, a quite tiring and stressful situation.

Before relying on the moving company, it will certainly be useful to find out how to close your old rental contract.

With a specialized company, on the other hand, you are guaranteed:

  • maximum efficiency and less stress , because the moving company you have chosen will take care of organizing everything
  • lower risk of damage , as the company is in possession of hoists, suitable vehicles and adequate packaging
  • contingency management , having extensive experience in the sector
  • fast timing
  • advice on the documents necessary for the change of residence

For all these reasons we advise you to contact a company operating in the sector that will provide you with the price for moving your home or for a single room, the most requested for example is the cost of moving the kitchen.

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