Security System: How to set up a surveillance at home

Setting up a surveillance security system for less than $ 100 is possible. But keep in mind a very important point: it won’t do any good if you don’t protect remote access to all devices as you should

Keeping a guarded house when we are not in it used to go through hiring an alarm, with its monthly fees. But the advancement of technology and it’s cheaper allow us to know everything that happens inside our home when we are on vacation or away from it for a while. To do this, you only need the following devices, which you can buy together for less than 100 dollars.

360º night vision camera

In a home security system, having a camera seems essential, and although you can install different intrusion detection systems, a camera will allow you to know what is happening in your home when you are away from it. And there is a security system camera that stands out above all in terms of value for money Home Security Camera 360º.

It has two surveillance cameras for homes and we opted for this one, with an official price of 39.99 dollars, for its ability to see everything and because it is only 10 dollars more expensive than the simplest camera, the Home Security Camera Basic. The biggest difference is a viewing angle of 130º, compared to the 360º of our selection, but the Basic version can be useful for those who want to place the camera in a place that does not allow a complete view.

Returning to our protagonist, the access and management of the camera is done through the Home ‘app’, available for both Android and iOS, although it can also be connected to the Google Assistant. From the ‘app’ you can see and listen to everything that the camera captures at any time and even use it as a speaker to talk through it.

The ‘app’ also notifies automatically if it detects movement at home and can record what it captures to your microSD card or to cloud storage (paid), even if it is at night or the home is dark because it has night vision. Installation is simple, it can even be hung from the ceiling, although it is better not to put it right in front of or next to the door, especially since it is something difficult to disguise and will be the target of potential thieves as they detect it.

If you do not like the brand or do not inspire confidence, there is an alternative that is currently at the same price. Its characteristics are practically the same, with high definition video recording, night vision, motion detection, and integration with the Google assistant. It even supports larger microSD cards (128 vs 64GB) and has a greater vertical range (114º vs 96º). The only thing you lose is the recording in the cloud.

Motion detector

If in any room of your house you want to detect movements but you do not need to know specifically what is happening, because you simply want to know if a child enters a room where they should not, for example, you can go directly to a motion detector. It has a detector with a Wi-Fi connection for 29.90 dollars ( in Amazon it is somewhat cheaper) that allows you to receive notifications in its ‘app’. The downside is that you have to install it yes or yes because this device does not have integration into other security systems.

Window and door opening detector

In order not to turn your apartment into a little ‘Big Brother’ full of cameras or not to depend on the detection of movements in certain rooms, the solution can be to install open detectors in the most vulnerable windows or doors.

You can find the opening detector for 29.90 dollars. Security system operation is not a great mystery, since it simply warns when the door or window to which it is glued or screwed is opened. It has its own application, but in order not to have to walk around with an ‘app’ for each different manufacturer of devices to monitor your home, it also has integration with the Google Assistant.

The opening detector and all those of this type work by means of batteries, in this case, two of type AAA that last for months, and is connected through the 2.4 GHz band of the Wi-Fi (do not try to connect it to the 5G Wi-Fi). Keep in mind that this type of detectors can also be interesting for cabinets or drawers that you want to have well guarded or to detect the time of entry and exit of household employees, children, or anyone else.

‘Pack’ of presence and opening detectors

If you wonder, the security system also has it’s opening and movement detector, although it sells it all in a ‘pack ‘ that includes two opening detectors and two movement detectors, as well as a control center and a configurable button, for 79, 99 dollars. The control center acts as a loudspeaker, compatible with the Google Assistant, and an audible alarm.

The Sensor Set security system can be profitable depending on how many detectors you need. Buying the opening and movement detectors that we have previously suggested separately, you would be paying almost 90 dollars for nothing that you do with three of them, more than the price of the ‘pack’ offered. In addition, this set of the brand can be useful to establish connections with other devices, such as light bulbs and air purifiers, for example, to turn on a light in the presence of a person in a room.

Smoke detector

Another interesting device for the security system of your home, no longer in the field of possible theft, is a smoke detector security system. The downside here is connectivity, since having a detector that simply alerts you through a loud sound emitted by the device itself is cheap, the one with the best ratings does not reach 20 dollars. On the other hand, if you want to receive an alert on your mobile, to be aware of possible fires when you are away from home, the price already goes to almost 100 dollars for the smart smoke detector.

Configure everything safely

With the above security system devices, depending on your needs and the layout of your home, you can set up a surveillance and security system for less than 100 dollars. But regardless of what you spend, keep in mind a very important point: the expense will be useless if you do not protect remote access to all devices as you should.

You will be planting security system devices in your home capable of seeing, recording, listening, detecting movements and openings … Therefore, when you install them, take some time to review the accesses and establish truly secure passwords, that do not contain deductible patterns and that put things difficult, with the use of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. And, of course, never keep the passwords that come with the devices by default.

Rob Prosser