Shutters- different types to choose

Shutters are a type of window with very ancient origins, but still widely used in the present. By choosing quality products, you can limit the presence of humidity inside the home and improve the acoustic and thermal insulation by increasing the insulation of your apartment.

Their primary characteristic is that they are formed by inclined horizontal slats, which can vary in width, color, and material depending on the type chosen.

Among the widely used blinds, in addition to the shutters, we also find the shutter and roller shutters.

So how do we choose which blind is most suited to our needs?

Let’s find out now.

Different Shutters


They consist of a fixed frame, a movable frame, and a screen made up of inclined slats. The latter can be fixed, usually at 30 °, or adjustable from 0 ° to 180 °.

The adjustment of the slats guarantees optimal comfort as it modulates the entry of light into the environment, guaranteeing excellent ventilation to your liking.

The shutter also has the function of protecting the windows from atmospheric agents and intrusions.

There are design solutions that provide for their use by placing them inside the home. In this way, they will give the effect of Venetian blinds, but with a more chic and refined look.

For the more technological, it is possible to mechanize their opening by controlling them electronically even via smartphone.


The shutter , or unstressed, are also aimed at protecting the windows .

Their characteristic is to completely block the flow of light since they are made up of a single piece or of several slats placed side by side without the presence of openings.

Because of their continuous surface, they are often decorated with inlays or carved figures that move the figure without having any real use.

They have a rustic and traditional flavor and create impeccable thermal insulation.

The excuses can be placed inside or outside the window and can be directly attached to it with a coplanar sash frame or be detached and developed on retractable wall hinges.

They too can be mechanized.


The shutters differ from the previous types of blinds mentioned in that they do not require the use of doors.

They use a rolling shutter system that slides on two guides installed directly on the window.

The shutter allows, thanks to their gradual descent, to darken the room at will.

Their frame, when lowered, differentiates them into structure shutter:

  • Blind: formed by a continuous frame.
  • Micro-perforated: consisting of a continuous surface but with small holes.
  • Knitted: made up of a metal mesh that shows everything behind it.

They can be closed with manual or electric lowering and there is no need to open the window to move them.

The shutter also protect against bad weather and intrusions.

They are mostly used in modern buildings and in shops and garages.

Why choose the shutter

If you are still not convinced, remember that the shutter lends itself to every type of architectural style, from the most modern to the most classic.

Unlike the traditional roller shutter, they give the facades of the houses a unique and always current flavor, with infinite types of colors and various materials.

They are also customizable in the shape and types of opening .

Finally, they are more functional than the shutters due to the presence of adjustable slats that facilitate the entry of light and air without being forced to open the doors.

The types of shutters

Once the shutter has been chosen as the window frame, it is necessary to choose which type is most suitable for our home and the architectural context. Below we find a list of the most used in general, but remember that we can always propose particular modifications to the manufacturer.

Hinged shutters

They are the most used and consist of one or more doors that open outside the house. Their hinges are fixed directly to the wall. There are several variants:

  • Roman shutters: the hinged door itself is divided into two parts, creating the possibility of opening only the upper part or only the lower part.
  • Genoese shutters: they are equipped with a door inside the door located on the lower part. This can be opened outside when the window is closed, like fascists on the contrary, in order to ventilate the environment and let in the sunlight, maintaining privacy.

This type, widely used on the Ligurian Riviera and that is why it takes this particular name, is famous and also used all over the world.

The Genoese slats usually have a greater width than simple swing shutter and their corners are not only rounded but also shaped.

Folding or package shutters

The doors of the folding shutters are equipped with special hinges that slide on trolleys able to make them close on themselves, packing them as if they were an accordion. This is why they are also called packet shutters.

This mechanism is useful for limiting their encumbrance in space.

There are two different openings:

  • The sliding book opening is characterized by doors that slide on two guides and remain perpendicular to the window once closed on themselves.
  • L ‘ opening to complete book leaves the totally free window because its doors are able to open up to adhere to the outer walls. There is thus the possibility of anchoring them to the wall in case of strong wind.

To maintain good insulation from air and water, folding shutters are often provided with an external seal and a double central.

They resist bad weather and have low maintenance costs.

Sliding or retractable shutters

The sliding shutters are characterized by two guides positioned on the upper and lower side of the frame that allow them to slide on a track thus avoiding unpleasant space encumbrances inside or outside the home.

For a more discreet and certainly more aesthetic choice, we use the retractable shutters which have the same mechanism as the previous ones but slide inside the wall through the installation of a counter-frame.

This is also the best choice to protect them from the elements .

Armored shutters

Usually made of iron and steel, but also with other materials, armored shutters are preferred by those who put safety first.

For this reason, they have to comply with specific requirements. Some of these are the anti-burglary locks and locks and the anti-tear and anti-drill bolts.

The doors must be resistant to cutting by hand tools and have a protective profile.

The ovals must have a shatterproof system.

Shutter window

The shutter window is a hybrid between the two. It consists of a transparent surface divided into several adjustable slats to regulate the entry of air into the home.

In this case, however, the light cannot be adjusted due to the transparency of the structure.

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