What should you take into account when choosing your door? What types of garage doors are there? Here you have it all about garage doors.

Today, having an automatic garage door is no longer a simple luxury, but rather a necessity. Garage doors have become a very important part of the entrance to your home, even in many cases, they become the main access to your home. If you are currently in the middle of building your house or are thinking of renovating your home’s garage door with a new one, you will need to follow a series of tips that will allow you to choose the type of garage door that suits you best.

Each type of garage door offers different advantages. Sectionals, Sliding and Lifting are the most demanded and have the following characteristics in common: safety, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and use of space.

Which one is the best? They are all good options, but while it is true that you will have to analyze several aspects that lead you to choose one door and not another.

The different types of garage doors:

  • Sectional garage doors: It is a modern and growing success in the construction sector, they are the most versatile and preferred in the world, due to their easy installation, use and maintenance. The sectional system is made up of vertical and horizontal guides and accessories that allow maximum use of space. Its sliding is vertical, they are suspended parallel to the ceiling and do not invade the sidewalk, completely avoiding the danger to passersby. This type of door adapts to any requirement, adds value and elegance to your project.
  • Sliding garage doors: Safe do not encroach on the sidewalk and move to the lateral sides, ideal for large garages. Made of imported sandwich panels, steel, wood, aluminum, the type of opening can be manual or automatic operated for residential, commercial and industrial use. These types of doors are widely called sliding doors and you can also see them in many entrances to urbanizations or in country houses far from urban centers.
  • Lift Doors: It is the oldest door model in the Peruvian market. They are very fast and work by raising the gate 90 °. They are resistant and practical, they are made with folding steel frames and plates. Its opening is manual or automatic, activated by a mechanical arm type articulated mechanism. This Gate must comply with the municipal withdrawal and construction regulations (G50).
  • Swing Doors: Manual or Automatic use with hydraulic arms – electrically operated. Its smooth and balanced opening, lateral movement in any direction. Installed on hinges or pivoting systems for large garages with 1 or 2 leaves, with side fixing frames. This kind of doors are traditional and can be found in condominiums, houses, buildings, shopping centers, industry and mining.
  • Roll-Up Garage Doors: This type of automatic roll-up garage door “rolls up” on top of your garage. These are great for saving space in your garage because the entire door sits in the ceiling. It is also widely used in all types of shops. As you are seeing, garage doors can also have many commercial uses. We are talking about the typical roller blind.

After knowing the type of doors and their characteristics, give us a series of important tips that will help you make the right choice. There they go:

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1. What decorative style do I have in my house?

As we told you at the beginning. To feel comfortable with our garage doors we must first look at what decorative style our home has. Also, if the garage door is intended for the garage of a building, an urbanization, beach house or business. If you have a home with a rustic style, look for materials that suit this style. If you are minimalist, of course an automatic garage door finished in white could be the best solution. You can also have your garage doors in different colors.

2. What materials are garage doors made of?

We do not have to tell you that the materials with which garage doors have been made are of vital importance. And they are also related to the decorative style you have chosen. What you are looking for, without a doubt, is a robust and durable automatic door. That it does not give any type of problem in its maintenance. You can find them in imported panel, wood, metal, bars or steel. Where the door is located will be very important when choosing materials. If it is very exposed to climatic changes, the best maybe are those of imported panel of European origin or metal instead of wood.

3. How do I open and close the garage doors?

Depending on the space you have in your garage, a sectional, sliding, swing or lift door will suit you. Each one has a different opening system.

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4. How much do garage doors cost?

As when we go to buy any product, the price also matters. What happens is that in the garage door sector, prices vary a lot because it depends on the measurements of the door. It is not the same to have a three meter or five-meter door. However, rather than looking for the cheapest garage door, what you need to get is the best value for money. A cheap door, but without quality, can cost you more in the short term. It also depends on the automatism’s you choose. At this point it is better that you let yourself be advised by specialists in the sector.

One piece of advice we do want to offer you from Garage Doors 4u is that when you are going to install automatic doors for your garage or your business premises, you should evaluate the possibility of putting a small pedestrian door. You can place it either in the center of your door or on the side. It is a safety measure in case any of the garage door automation fails. You see that choosing the best automatic door for your garage requires a brief preliminary work so as not to end up making a mistake. Ask us for advice and install your metal and automatic door with Garage Doors 4u.

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